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32 Fox Hunt Dr, Bear, Delaware 19701 (302) 836-5066

32 Fox Hunt Dr, Bear, Delaware 19701 (302) 836-5066

Thurston's has been your neighborhood staple since 1991. Chuck and Naomi have owned it since 2007

Thurston's is known for its fun and relaxed atmosphere. Come in with your best friends, sit back and relax in what has become many people's extension of their living rooms. Enjoy our famous Scotts Wings, our best-selling Chuck Burger, Cheese Steaks and seasonal beverage menus.

The Thurston's crew take the time to get to know you and many of you become our friends and family. That is what we do.

We are a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in Bear, DE that takes pride in friends, family, food and fun!!


We would like to pay tribute to one of our owners that passed away on November 29, 2016, Scott McConnell!!

After an eight month battle he succumbed to cancer. He is Chuck's cousin and a valued member of the owners team. Scott was one of those people that had a calm and sturdy demeanor, but also knew how to let loose. He was kind, helpful, positive, funny, intelligent, witty, humble and an all around great person. He leaves behind a new wife, four amazing kids, a father, a brother and an amazing amount of people that loved and cared for him. He will be missed.

RIP George Scott McConnell 1971-2016